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             The Republic of Turkey is a country with an eventful and colorful past. It appears the present and future will be the same. There are many important issues and concerns on Turkey's "plate" right now. Along with these issues follow the decisions of how to handle them, what are the risks, and most importantly, what decisions pose the best outcome for Turkey and its people. I will discuss the biggest problem facing Turkey today, whom will be affected and my solutions to this problem.
             Currently, Turkey is caught in the middle of the probability of a U.S. led war against Iraq. The United States seeks for Iraq to stop making and harboring weapons of mass destruction. Turkey plays a very crucial role in the possible upcoming event of war with Iraq as a key NATO ally and a secular Moslem country bordering on Iraq. Having this geographical advantage the United States requested to deploy troops and prepare for war against Iraq. The problem Turkey faces in this situation is they are stuck in the middle between a powerful and influential ally (the U.S.), and the people of Turkey who are very opposed to a war with Iraq. All along Washington asserted its confidence that Turkey would not hesitate to accommodate the U.S. employment of troops. After all they would not want to disappoint its powerful friend or lose out on a lavish American aid package. Turkey has not been as willing as the United States had expected. For weeks, U.S. and Turkish negotiators have been discussing a U.S. offer for aid that would help the Turkish economy if there was a war in neighboring Iraq [www.theaustrailiannews.com]. Negotiations have been going on for weeks over how much financial aid Turkey will receive and over the deployment for U.S. troops to Turkey. The United States is clearly frustrated by the Turkish government's continuing reluctance to accept more American troops. The United States has recently been presented with a demand for $32 billion in economic aid as the price for deployment.

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