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A Sociological Analysis of Antz

             Antz is a very funny and witty story that makes a strong underlying statement about socialism and it's failure to fulfill the human need for individual significance. The story is set, oddly enough, in an ant colony outside New York City. The first five minutes of the movie beautifully illustrates the entire social structure of the colony with images of a super organism set in motion. Images of little larva ants being given their social label, worker ants taking their place in the lines of production, and soldier ants training for battle. Each ant is expected to take their place in the system and serve the greater good of the colony, sacrificing their time, energy, and even their lives.
             There are three central characters in the film: Z, Princess Bala, and the evil General Vandible. Z is a disgruntled worker ant desperate to find his individual significance in the midst of a social system that focuses solely on the good of the colony. He dreams of a better place and longs to go in search of "Isectopia" where you can "be your own ant". Z's discontent is temporarily put on hold when he meets Princess Bala, disguised as a common worker, at a dance. The two hit it off and Z is love stricken for the independent Princess. Unbeknownst to Z, Bala is not altogether happy with her lot in life: to marry the General, become Queen, and give birth to larva every ten seconds for the rest of her life (all for the good of the colony). General Vandible, the man with the plan, practically runs the colony. The Queen trusts his judgment so much so that she has promised Bala as his bride. Vandible, however, is working on a master plan to "purify" the colony and emerge with a "master race". .
             After their initial encounter, Z convinces a soldier friend of his to swap places in an attempt to see Bala again. Thinking that he would be going to a Royal Review and would see the Princess, Z joins the ranks of the army.

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