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Homosexuality in Society

            With all of the hate and violence already occurring in our society today, the .
             last thing we need is homophobia and gay hatred. This is the twenty-first .
             century. We have African-American and women as government leaders, our .
             schools are no longer segregated, and we even have stores where you can buy .
             bread, clothes, and car tires all in the same store. If we've come along that far, .
             then why can't some people in our society accept homosexuals?.
             Jerry Falwell, a Fundamentalist Christian teleminister stated, .
             "Homosexuals are brute beasts.part of a vile and satanic system that will be .
             utterly annihilated, and there will be a celebration in heaven." Aren't Christians.
             taught to accept and love all people, know matter who they are or their personal .
             preference? Teaching to be against homosexuality is another way of teaching .
             hate and discrimination. It's also hypocritical. .
             This is America, the place where people should be free to live the lifestyle .
             they choose, being gay for example. Disregarding that, hateful people kill and .
             ridicule homosexuals for reasons unimaginable. Six years ago in San Antonio, .
             Texas, Dan Guiling was attacked by a pair of gay-hating young men. They .
             stabbed him and left him for dead. He has a severed spinal cord and is .
             paralyzed for life. Dan is just one of thousands of gay men and lesbians who fall .
             victim to hate crimes each year. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force .
             has a record of 7,031 incidents nationally during 1989 ranging from .
             harassment to homicide. Homosexual haters should not worry about what gay .
             people do in their own bedrooms. It's a lifestyle, and human beings should not .
             be killed because of the lifestyle they choose.
             Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and should not be based on .
             gender alone. Physically, same gender couples aren't compatible, but .
             emotionally, they provide each other with the love and support they need. .
             Homophobics have no authority to destroy that.

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