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             There are no words that can actually explain human happiness because it has a different meaning, and it is sought after and achieved differently by each individual person. Homosexuality is an issue that is constantly argued about as to whether or not it is a part of the human happiness spectrum or not. When thinking of sexual intercourse in terms of homosexuality it means that there is the exclusion of one gender; therefore there is a single gender focus on the relationship and the actions that the two partners may make. There are many differing opinions on the matter of homosexuality. In fact many believe that no one should even be allowed to have same gender relationships, and that it should all together be completely allowed. Many say this without even taking into consideration the over all happiness if other people. However, I believe that homosexuality is not an obstacle to over come in the quest for human happiness. Instead same gender relationships promote human happiness to those who partake in them, just as any other relationships of those of the opposite sex. This essay will consider whether or not same gender intercourse is right or wrong on the grounds of many different arguments, as well as whether homosexuality is an obstacle to human happiness.
             I believe that same gender intercourse is not as evil, and appalling, as many others believe it to be. Despite the fact that I would never partake in a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, I do not feel that there is anything wrong with same gender relationships. I do feel however, that just as with male and female partners, any sexual activities should still be done with moderation and in a responsible manner. Some people generally believe that sexual intercourse should be held off until after marriage, and some even take vows of celibacy, meaning they have chosen not to partake in any sexual activities what so ever.

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