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             Most grief is healthy while others can be negative or unhealthy. Grief is when you react emotionally to a loss, it is considered completely normal. Grief can either unite or divide us from people. For the most part I believe that it unites us. When we attend a wake or a funeral we are grieving together, we share our feelings and lean on one another for support. All of us are on the same page and can relate to each other. We unite with each other because we feel as if we make each other stronger since we support our feelings. Sharing your feelings and expressing yourself is extremely important to heal our inner body. When we keep our thoughts and feelings inside our emotions get cloudy and we find ourselves depressed. This is when we might divide from others. I actually just learned how grief can divide us from others. Unfortunately I just lost my girlfriend, she didn't die we just broke up. I find myself grieving a lot and the more I express my feelings the more I feel myself growing further a part from her. At first I was upset and need someone to grieve to, my roommate didn't really know how I felt, he wasn't sensitive to my feelings. Therefore he wasn't saying things that would make me feel better. This is when I noticed a distinct separation with my relationship with him. We started to divide because he didn't understand that I had grief because I lost something I truly loved.
             The best recommendation I have for society that will make us aware of grief is to just learn about grief, understand what it is and the phases of grief. Anticipatory grief is most often used when discussing the families of dying persons, although dying individuals themselves can experience this grief as well. This grief is the process of normal mourning that occurs after an anticipated loss. Complicated grief can lead is unhealthy grief that includes depression and anxiety moods, substance abuse or eating disorders may occur.

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