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             I was walking down the Wildwood Boardwalk this past August. I was looking at all of the new things they had added for the visitors. I came to something that really disturbed me, I saw this huge red sign that was printed in big bold letters " KILL THE TALIBAN ". A dad was standing in front of the game with his son that had to be only five or six years old, seated on his shoulders as proceeded to shoot at manikins dressed as Osamah Bin Laden and his comrades. I was shocked by what I saw. Osamah Bin Laden is a dangerous and terrible man after being held accountable for what happened on September 11 but this game represents things that should not be passed down to our children. If we continue this viscous cycle we will always be divided into us vs. them.
             America is a wonderful place to live. I enjoy all of its benefits. It's a country of money, freedom, and opportunity. Does that make us better then everyone else I think if America is trying to stop terrorism and war then we should step down of the pedestal that we some how put ourselves on. As long as we stay separated from the rest of the world we will never be able to live without paranoia and suspicion.
             America has insisted on going into Iraq for many reasons such liberating their women controlling their oil and changing their government to democracy. Did anyone stop any really think or even ask the people of Iraq if they wanted America to help? What about Osamah? He crashed planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and now we are worried about Iraq. Our American troops have been over in Iraq for way to long it's time to bring our troops home and let Iraq settle their problems their own way. America is always worried about someone else's.
             problems and gaining control over inferior nations it has again divided us vs. them.
             America is paranoid about terrorists attacking the country with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

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