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Sports in Societuy

             In today's society the majority of the populace believes that a child should enter a sports team early on in their lives. It is also said that people who play sports are more involved with social events and dedicate their time to them. There are always, and always will be, people who will give you good reasons why not to join a sports team. I believe that team sports are good ideas and should always be thought about when one has a child.
             Team sports are an excellent area for children to work on their social skills. The interaction between players during practice helps them in the world as they begin to grow in many ways. Working as a team is a good skill to know and will always come in hand somewhere in ones life. All of us see, meet, or become friends with people every day and social skill learned early stay with you the rest of your lives. Solving problems is also a lesson learned in team sports, how to get the ball from point A to point B by passing around obstacles that are trying to stop you. Primarily though this interaction is a lesson on having fun in groups and a time for enjoyment. The thought of staying fit is a large concern in this time of age, and what better way to stay fit than a team sport. There is always a lot of movement in team sports, which allow losing the unwanted pounds. The majority of muscles are used in team sports, the exercising of the muscles when younger help the body when one has aged. Besides learning social skills there are many other skills learned. In basketball you learn to dribble the ball and learn to shot it, in hockey you learn hand eye co-ordination, and even if you know the skills there is no reason for you not to enhance them. Lastly even though it is only a tiny percentage of those who join team sports, all people begin in small time teams and it may lead them to a career in a national team, the dream of every committed player.
             Some people will argue with these points saying that team sports are not a good place to put children.

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