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Brave New World

            Brave New World is an apocalyptic novel, which attempts to predict and define the future. Although it predicts somewhat of an unrealistic world, in some ways it correctly portrays the modern society. Though the beliefs of the predicted society it parallels that of modern life. Huxley's predictions present a truthful fate, one in which the society should avoid. .
             As readers" from the 21st century, we see similarities in the fictitious characters and our lives. Lenia almost represents a drug dealer, advocating the use of drugs instead of the search for true happiness. Along with the avoidance of pain, drugs are used to momentarily escape the harsh reality of life. Another paralleling factor is the emphasis of youth. In the novel, no one ages or dies because of a disease or life-threatening incident. The characters stay youthful The recent craze for the "forever young" has captured the world. Aging citizens participate in surgeries, Botox, face lifts, and fad diets to maintain a youthful appearance. Another prevalent theme in the novel is easy expectancy. This is shown in modern times by the increasing amount of divorces, single-parent families, one-night stands, and use of the tradition moral standards.
             Just as Huxley predicted structured class systems, such as Alpha, Beta and Gamma, today's world has a tendency of separating people into their own classifications. Another effect of this is that people remain in their comfort zone and do not try to relate to others. Although we are still class based, we have become more liberal and are slowly conforming to an intermixed society.
             In modernity, the society does need to avoid the tragic ending of the Brave New World "s prediction. In order to do this, society must intermix more and interact outside of their comfort zone. People must think of themselves as individuals and less as certain group. People must also have more of a welcoming and understanding perspective on life and not require perfection.

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