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1984 Book Reveiw

             George Orwell's 1984 was a good book. It started off introducing the character Winston who is a middle class historian for the government of Oceania. He is part of what their leader Big Brother calls the Outer Party which means he is higher than the proletariats (proles) but the lower than the Inner Party. He works for the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) and fears the Ministry of Love (Miniluv) where Big Brother is and his enemies are taken. He monitored through his head from the young spies, telescreens (which run and monitor all the time), and the thought police. Winston bought a diary, knowing it was illegal at a prole book shop. He recorded his rebellious and sexual (yes it was outlawed) thoughts hiding from the telescreen in it. To be able to think freely was good for him he thought. At his work had to ready the people for Hate Week where daily the Two Minutes Hate happens and pictures of the party's enemy Emmanuel Goldstein popped up and made people kind of angry. Winston seems infatuated with two people a dark haired girl and Inner Party member named O"Brien. He writes in his diary about both of them many times. He Winston suspects the girl of being a spy/thought police (on him) and O"Brien of being in The Brotherhood. Winston also once wrote about the lack of thought observation with the proles. He said some don't even have a telescreen installed in their house. He made the point that if anyone were to over throw big brother it would be the proles because being unmonitored they are allowed to have sex and reproduce as they wish and they make eighty five percent of the population (sounds much like the French Revolution).
             Winston then received a note from the girl saying "I Love You". All suspicions of her dropped and they met during Two Minutes Hate then went into the woods and made love. Her name was Julia. Winston found her rebellious nature against the Party's sexual attitudes very arousing.

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