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             We North Carolina are in debt, and we need our .
             The slaves here in North Carolina are very valuable to our community, we need them so they can pick our cotton, and tobacco. Some other states don't agree with our theory of using slaves to do our labor and they say we need to do our own labor. Others states don't think it's all about the money and here in North Carolina we do. The more cotton and tobacco our slaves pick, the more we are able to sell and the more money we receive. Last statement is that we need more slaves to harvest our crops. Another problem that we have been experienced is that we North Carolina think that the votes should be based on population. We will have no problems rebelling if they try to take away the slaves just because states like New York and others don't want to use slaves to do there labors.
             If really don't want to compromise with other states to let go slavery but, I"m willing to let slavery go under one condition if we can use the slaves to get out of debt and then let them go. If we get back into debt within twenty years we can get some more slaves to help us get out of debt again. Also I don't want the congress to be able tax items or imports. I think the articles should be amended only if some of the states approve. I don't believe that North Carolina lacked national unity and I strongly believe we had no strong federal government. One thing that I think that we all agreed on is that we all wanted more land. I"m going to stand my ground on that I think voting should be based on population because we have a lot of people in our community and I"m sure the people here in North Carolina may have different opinion on a law. I"m also going to stand my ground on the debt situation because all know it's all about the money. On the slave issue I discussed that I am willing to just use slaves to help make me money and harvest my crops because I refuse to do it myself.

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