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E Commerce - Comparison of two similiar E-Commerce websites.

            The present world is an ever-changing place and each day it becomes more and more accessible at the flick of a switch, where connecting to the world is no longer a vision of science fiction films but a reality enabled through the rapidly growing advancements in technology. Modern society relies heavily on technology, from the computer-guided systems in control towers at airports, to mobile telephones. Electronic transmissions fill the unseen airwaves, making cyber space as important as the physical world.
             Cyber space or virtual reality, as it is known, has become a world in itself, where everything is easily accessible through the Internet via the World Wide Web with a simple click of a mouse button. Virtual companies or electronic companies (e-companies) such as Amazon.com, Yahoo.com and millions more have successfully established themselves as profitable net-media commodities that generate big business. These e-companies provide goods and or services to meet every person's needs, from purchasing goods such as books, clothing, electrical appliances, food, and other products to job searching, and even dating. .
             Many e-companies ensure that their websites are advertised in an appropriate manner and through various means to reach their target audiences, and through search engines. Search engines will often return similar results from a few pages to millions as they search the World Wide Web for sites rated amongst the best to those that contain the keywords used for the initial search. .
             A computer software' search of three of the most frequently used search engines, Yahoo.com, Google.com and Ask.com returned well over four million results with the most popular rated sites listed towards the top of the list. A closer examination of the results highlighted the diverse range of approaches e-companies have taken in marketing the sales of computer software. Cnet networks and Epinions.

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