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Muhammad Ali

            Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time.
             The name Muhammad Ali is known throughout the world. People speak about him like he's some super-hero. His speed was tremendous, and his skill in the ring, and his mouth. Ali has become our modern day superman. The man formerly known as Cassius Clay has transformed himself from a boy in desperate search for his stolen bicycle into the heavyweight champion of the world and then into the man who proudly lit the Olympic torch at the 1996 summer Olympics. Whenever there is any debate over who will go into history known as "the greatest" Ali's name is present. His fame still hasn't diminished, despite the years spent in retirement. Ali has just recently become the subject of a successful major motion picture featuring Will Smith. Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer in history because of his charismatic personality, skill in the ring, and his enduring fame.
             Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer in history because of his charismatic personality. Ali will forever be remembered for his affectionate and entertaining ways. In John Schulian's book Writers" Fighters he explains that Ali's personality that will never be forgotten. The great Ali is not a term that needs to be checked. When Ali let everyone know he was the best-known man on earth, he wasn't dealing in exaggeration. Ali did much more than give his fans excitement in the ring; he took the heavyweight championship to poor nations and created a fan base throughout the globe. "Laughter was a constant when you were in Ali's presence" although the end of his career was disheartening. "All I can tell you is that he never gave anyone the same ride two days in a row"(Schulian 7).
             Ali will forever be remembered as the cocky show-off, running his mouth before the fight. He has created timeless ditties like "float like a butter-fly, sting like a bee." Ali entered a heavyweight weigh-in with poems explaining how badly he was going to thrash his opponents.

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