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Natinoalism: The Double Edged Sword

            One definition of the word nationalism is, a sense of national consciousness that exalts one nation above all others. In other words your country thinks as a whole that it is superior to all others. This is the idea that emerged in many countries in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. But the question is did nationalism have a positive or negative effect on the world? The answer is quite obvious, nationalism was one of the most destructive forces the world has ever seen and absolutely had a negative effect on the world. One of the ideas of nationalism is to spread your countries ideas but this idea rarely ever ends up being positive. .
             One of the most negative effects of Nationalism could be seen in Africa. By the 1920s it was obvious that Africa's fight against nationalism and colonialism was failing. But they wouldn't abandon there fight. Africa was being colonized all over there were numerous Africans standing up to there government violently. Police and troops were often used to stop tax rebellions, rebellions against slavery, or use violence to forcefully remove Africans from their land (Overfield 184). Ethiopia was the one country that successfully fought off nationalism for many years. It wasn't until 1935-1936 when Mussolini's Italian army took over Ethiopia. Throughout Africa there was anger that the world would sit by and let this happen. When Ethiopia fell to Italian rule in 1936 that marked the last truly independent African country which was an extremely sad moment (Overfield 191). Africa was not industrialized like the rest of the world and this really had a negative effect on them allowing them to be colonized. The whole situation in Africa was a low point for the world. Europeans thought that they were so superior to Africa and the rest of the world that they needed to enforce there ideas on other countries. Sharing ideas can be a positive thing but not when they are shoved down someone's throat until they can't breathe anymore.

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