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Elementary school teacher

            This occupation involves introducing children to numbers, language, sciences and social studies. These teachers prepare and mark tests, correct homework, and evaluate children's progress. Teachers arrive about a half an hour before children arrive, around 8:00, and leave half an hour after children leave, around 4:00. The work is continuous, but they do not work for two months in the summer. The work environment is usually in a classroom and depending where in the school system they teach the class sizes can be very large. .
             This occupation requires much patience and caring. A bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate are necessary to apply for a job. .
             To be a teacher you should make sure you enjoy working with children, by working in summer camps or coaching. Once you have the necessary training you could be a teacher's aide to gain experience. Job Futures predicts that job outlook for elementary teachers will be good through 2004. There are job openings all across Canada. Job salaries range from $23 900 to $56 700. .
             This is well suited to my interests because it requires patience, understanding, and a great deal of energy all of which suit my interests. This job changes from day to day and I value that in a job. The educational requirements are not far from my aspirations. This job would not affect my lifestyle but rather, it would fit in with my lifestyle. .
             To be a teacher you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in education or a degree in another field and a teaching certificate from your province. Many teachers also hold a master's degree in education. This training can be obtained at the University of Alberta. The estimated costs including transportation, living costs, entertainment, tuition, books, and other fees, are around $12 000. Upon completion of the program you receive a bachelor's degree in education. .

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