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Nature vs. Nurture

             One of the big debates that is in our society now is the nature versus nurture controversy. In this controversy we see if the behavior of people is due to their genetics or to their enviroment they are surrounded by. This is a question that many people find hard to explain. .
             There are a few examples that I found that elimintates some theories to this question. If you take a baby human and a baby monkey and give them good enviroments to live in they will both be different because of the genetic differences in each of them. Another example is if you have identical twins, and put one in a closet for ten years and the other has a good enviroment to live in. They will be different but because of the enviroment changes they each lived in. This one is not genetics but a enviromental change. A person can come to any conclusions when looking at these two examples. You answer it by what you believe in. .
             Some people believe that it is hard to change the nature genetics rather than the enviromental genetics. Here are a few examples that disprove each. Poor eyesight is genetic, but can be fixed by glasses, contacts, and even lasers. So something that is genetic is not hard to fix. If a kid with little protein that is short and already grown up we can not raise the kid's height to what he or she wants to be because of her genetic potential. The answer to the question is a change caused by the genetics or enviromental? It is usually both that contribute to the change in the individual.
             Nature which is genetics combined with nurture which is enviromental create who we are today. We do not know how hard it will be to change our genetics or our enviromental surroundings, but we also do not have a whole lot of control of the enviromental or gentic part. The government could tell you that you have to move or switch jobs. Thus, creating a different enviroment for us to adapt to.

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