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             There are a lot of different neighborhoods in the Chicago land area. Rogers Park is a very diverse, dynamic, and convenient neighborhoods on Chicago's north side. There are many positive aspects of Rogers Park that makes it a great neighborhood to reside. In addition, Rogers Park has gotten a bad image, and is in the process of trying to clean up their image. There is a great amount of history that surrounds Rogers Park. The night life is a very active one with a number of nightclubs, bars, and theatres.
             The history of Rogers Park shows a diverse crowd settling into what is now known as Rogers Park and West Ridge. From the earliest Native Americans settlers, to the Irish , Germans, and English and the more recent Middle Easterners, South Asians, Hispanic, and African Americans, many groups have settled in Rogers Park and West Ridge. This North side neighborhood has distinguished itself as one of the most culturally and economically diverse in Chicago and the nation. .
             The lakefront is a huge attraction to residents and tourists of Rogers Park. With the lake being so close it .
             makes the property seem very inexpensive. The value of homes has indeed gone up where other neighborhoods have relatively stayed the same. In other neighborhoods where the lake is a convenience the property is merely three times the much of a property in Rogers Park. In fact, some of the property is a few feet away from the lake. In addition to the public beaches there are several private beaches in which owners can act like they are on vacation all year long.
             Rogers Park is in the process of cleaning up their image. When people think of Rogers Park they think of the lake, diversity, a large crime rate. Although, Rogers Park has been cited as the third safest neighborhood by police statistical surveys numerous times. Renovation is in the process as several units have turned from apartments to condominiums.

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