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history and geography

             Connections between Geography and History.
             Geographic features such as climate, landforms, and natural resources have helped to shape a big part of human cultures. Early people depended on their physical surrounding, using natural resources to provide food, shelter, and tools for survival. Steadily, people living in China, India, the Middle East, and Egypt developed complex civilizations. You can see the relationship of history and geography in many different cultures. Here are just a few that show it.
             In China geography is important to history because if they didn't have the Himalayas as one geographic barrier between China and the rest of the world then they wouldn't have made some of the great discoveries and find ways to use new technology. By this I mean, the Chinese not knowing about the other side of the world and their technology. This actually helped them because they depended on themselves and that made them a strong society. The giant natural barriers also helped as a huge shield to keep invaders out .
             In Egypt the Nile was important. If it weren't for the Nile River, Egypt would have been just a dry baron desert. All though the desert protected Egyptians from invaders, it was the Nile that allowed them to grow food and flax to grow clothing. They also depended on the Nile for transporting goods for trade.
             Geography and history go hand in hand. Location is important because you can get valuable skills and ideas from neighboring civilizations. Place is important because the type of land, availability of water, climate, animal life ,and plants determined where people will live and what people would eat. Human Environment Interaction is important. Since the beginning of time, people have interacted with their surroundings, irrigating their crops with water, cutting down trees to clear land for houses and farms. Movement is an important link between geography an history. The movement of goods, ideas, and people brought different civilizations together and created new ones.

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