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Biological Warfare

            More than 650 years ago, as the Tartars hurled infected bodies over the walls of Kaffa, a horrible type of warfare was introduced to the world: biological warfare. Today, biological warfare is a lot more serious and a lot more deadly. By definition, biological weapons designed to dispense airborne clouds of pathogenic microbes could in theory kill or incapacitate unprotected populations over very large areas. If a country were to use biological weapons it could cause the attacked country to use its own biological weapons and possibly even nuclear weapons starting a major war, killing millions of people. As of the year 2000, there were 20 different nations that claimed to have biological weapons. Two major biological warfare agents that exist today are Anthrax and Smallpox, which can be spread through water systems, food supplies, animals and insects, and other various contaminated objects such as clothing. Our government should take actions to prevent the threat of biological warfare.
             The government should seek out biological weapon carrying countries in order to work with them to dispose of them. In order to get these resolutions in progress, the president will work with congress and the United Nations. The Unites States and the United Nations will then work together to effectively enforce these resolutions. .
             With this diplomatic plan, we can help rid the earth of the threat of biological warfare peacefully in a joint-effort. The United Nations and the United States have both proven to be powerful peacemakers in the world community through numerous issues. With the use of satellites and intelligence sources, the United Nations and the United States can monitor the production of biological weapons around the world.
             With these weapons destroyed we can enjoy the comfort of knowing that these terrible weapons are gone forever. Everyone will feel safer knowing that these biological weapons are destroyed.

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