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Biological Warfare

            In today's age of biology and its connection to warfare, many microbes are being found to be potentials for a biological travesty. These three hazardous diseases have to potential unleash fury, chaos, economic shutdown, and desecration wherever they are spread. Though some are more harmful than others are, it does not lessen the fear of their outbreak. These five spoken of are Tularemia, Viral Hemorrhagic fever, and Smallpox. These three have the power to cause supreme chaos in the world in which we live. .
             Recent terrorist attacks have caused the world to think differently of itself. The threat of biological agents possibly used as weapons has created a new fear. Of these possibilities lies Tularemia. This threat only requires someone to inhale at least 10 organisms to cause the disease. People then develop severe illnesses but they cannot transmit the infection to others. To get this, there are many ways. Infection can come from being bitten, handling infectious substances, direct contact, or ingestion of foods containing the microbe. After getting it, one can feel symptoms such as a fever, headache, hills, and shivering. Then possibly leading to death. If found soon enough it can be treated by antibiotics, if not, there are lab procedures that take several weeks. This route would not be the best for a terrorist to take, due to its long lifespan. .
             The second possibility for attack is VHF or viral Hemorrhagic Fever. This is in a family of viruses. Ebola is in this family. They are all animal-borne and are restricted to certain areas of living. This is transmittable, and the microbes can go global fast. They cause mild illnesses, and possibly life threatening diseases. Some vehicles (causes) of these viruses are still unknown, so in treatment it is hard to single it down. The symptoms for this disease are so diverse that they include fever, fatigue, dizziness, exhaustion, and hiccups, ECT.

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