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Gun Control in America

            When it comes to Gun Control in America our nation is fiercely divided. Gun use and ownership has become a hot issue in recent years, especially with all the senseless killings and accidental deaths. No one wants to see a child walk into a school with the intent to kill, but too many times this has happened. When this happens two questions always comes up and become the hot topic of debate. "Who do we hold responsible and how do we correct it"? Many in this country believe guns should be banned completely, others think they should just be controlled. For myself I think that the laws in place should be enforced, do we need to make more laws? I do not think so. When it comes to Gun Control, it seems like you could almost divided it down party lines, meaning those that are for it and those that oppose it. Although this is not true, some would have us believe it to be so. Most politicians do not make it easy to make this statement. But in having to make a distinction between the two parties it might look something like this. The Democrats (Liberals) believe guns are instruments of destruction. Their purpose is to kill or do grievous bodily injury. They propose to fix by prohibit future sales and ban private ownership of firearms. On the other side of the isle Republicans (Conservatives) believe guns don't kill people, people kill people. Under the Second Amendment to the Constitution, we have a right to protect our families and our property. They also believe there should be no prohibitions or restrictions on firearm ownership. Now this might be a broad brush effect but it does suit the purpose. In general, only the most radical factions favor no restrictions or controls whatsoever on gun purchase usage or ownership? Those politicians and parties identified with the right tend to prefer tougher criminal penalties for use of guns during the commission of a crime and more education for the masses in the safe and appropriate use of guns.

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