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Annotated Bibliography for U.S Constitution

             We chose this resource because it explains how the constitution was born, and how it is the oldest document of its kind in the world. It has witnessed more than two hundred years in changes as the country has grown from a fledging union of states to the most powerful nation in the world.
             L. Stair, Nancy. The Bill of Rights. .
             New York: The Rosen Publishing group, inc .
             The inadequacy of the articles of confederation in dealing with the postwar recession and .
             The disputes between the new states led the leaders of the new nation to write the Constitution and the Bill of rights. This was one of our primary sources that applies to our project because it is an investigation into the first ten amendments of the constitution. .
             R.Monk,Linda. The Words we live by.
             New York: The Stonesong Press, 2003.
             This source applies to our project very well because it is wonderfully accessible yet deeply aware guide to our constitution. It is also an exceptional, and illuminating guide to our fundamental rights and liberties.
             Faber, Doris and Faber, Harold. We The People.
             New York: Macmillan Publishing Co.1987.
             The year 1787 is the year in which our form of government was determined by fifty five men meeting in Philadelphia. So wisely did they deliberate that the constitution written there has served us remarkably well for two hundred years. This Helped us a lot because it is a story of the U.S Constitution since 1787.
             Bjournlund, Lydia. The Constitution and The Founding of America.
             San Diego: Lucent Books inc. 2000.
             This was an important source to our project because this gives us important dates in the history of the constitution and the founding of America. For example: April 1775- first shots of the American revolution are fired in Massachusetts, July 1776- Declaration of independence is approved by congress, etc.
             Judson, Karen. The Constitution of The United States.
             Springfield, N.J.: Enslow Publishers inc. 1996.
             In the constitution of the United States, Karen Judson goes into the history of this important document which consists of a preamble seven articles and Twenty Seven Amendments.

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