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Reflections on

             The word or idea of humanity can be described as human nature or the act of being human. And being human is simply defined as having characteristics of man. Through Elie Wiesel's Night, the term of humanity seems to take on a whole new meaning. .
             Throughout this book, a young, Jewish boy is ripped away from his mother and sister and everything that he knows and forced to encounter a Nazi death camp. Luckily, Eliezer and his father were able to stay together for most of this unspeakable account. That is until he witnessed the death of his father towards the end of the book. .
             In my eyes, this book reveals a lot of what humanity isn't. To treat someone in such a way is anything but humane. The Jews obviously had some human characteristics, yet they were being denied civilized treatment. They were tortured and forced to work with little or no food, and many of them were killed or massacred. I think this book reveals what little consideration the Nazi's took to acknowledge the humanity in the Jewish people. The Bible commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and this is definitely not the way to do it. The Nazi's were recognizing themselves as the superior race, yet in God's eyes, we"re all the same. Frankly, I am disgusted at the thought of a group of people playing God and being capable of taking other people's lives in such a way. .
             In this book, Eliezer's faith in God was put to the test. Towards the beginning, he had such a strong belief, however after all that he went through, his faith began to waiver in the end. Eliezer went from being a strong believer in His God to wondering how a God of love could let such things happen. As the book continues, we see an anger rise up in this boy so great that no longer wants anything to do with God. The book reveals little by little his dying religion. In the beginning of the book, Eliezer takes part in all of the Jewish customs and beliefs, yet as he experiences more pain and heart ache, he refrains from it more and more.

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