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Comparing "In the Bedroom" and "Killings"

             Comparing the short story "Killings" by Andre Dubois and the movie "In the Bedroom", there are many differences, and some similarities. Overall the whole plot of the two stories were the same, they were just gone about in being portrayed in different ways. Perhaps the biggest difference I saw between the two was the structure. The story started right in the middle of where the movie started. The movie showed so much more of the background and loving bond between not only Matt and Frank, but between Frank and Mary Ann. Although the story did show more of Matt's inner thoughts and feelings on a much deeper level then the movie was able to portray, it did not show much interaction between him and his son while he was alive. The movie also made it more personal by cutting out the older brother character that the original story had at the funeral. This made the connection between the father and son even more than what was read in the story. The movie was also able to show more hatred for Strout. In the story I was not able to see for myself how much I hated this character. It was only possible for me to see how much hatred Matt and Ruth had for him, along with some others. I also felt the connection that Mary Ann's boys had with Frank in the movie was much better then in the book. I thought one of the most powerful scenes in the move was when one of the boys that Frank and Matt used to take fishing rode his bike down to the docks to see Matt and they just looked at each other with a longing look. Although this scene was not shown in the story, it made a better picture of the actual killing scene. Strout, in the book, shot Frank with his boys sitting right there. He shot him without even a question of a struggle. I feel that this shows what a horrible man he was on a much higher level then the movie was able to portray. While the movie does show a clear cut story from beginning to end, I feel that the structure of the story was more powerful.

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