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Teen Promiscuity

             Teen promiscuity has been a very big problem in our society today. Especially, in this last decade, more and more teen girls are losing their virginity at younger ages, having multiple sex partners at early ages, and more teen girls are having babies. But why? The causes of teen promiscuity can't be very clear, but I feel that some of the main causes are low self-esteem, wanting to fit in, and ignorance.
             More and more teen girls are becoming promiscuous. A main reason for this is low self-esteem. Lots of girls feel very insecure about themselves; one way that they can feel beautiful is by having multiple sex partners. A lot of the time when I watch Jenny Jones, she has issues on teen promiscuity. Many of these girls are overweight. They feel that if they have sex with whoever wants it, then they will be liked. I feel that the media plays a big role in teens having low self-esteem. Young girls read magazines such as Seventeen, Vibe, YM and all they see are skinny women. They watch music videos such as hip hop videos and see all these beautiful women in bikini's and hearing the men say that's the type of women they want, and of course this will bring any young girl who doesn't look like that feel unattractive. They feel that that is what "being beautiful" is. The media makes these young girls feel insecure about themselves and makes them feel ugly. They feel that men want beautiful, skinny girls, and since they can't be that for men, then they can at least sleep with them to be liked. The media also plays a big part in this. They use sex to sell. They are not thinking about who's reading and watching the things that they put out there. In magazine ads when they are advertising jeans, why is it that they use sex to sell them? When they put out these advertisements they are basically condoning sex. When a young teenage girl watches television shows such as Sex in the City, what do they see? They see these four women having different sex partners every episode.

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