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Teen Sex

            Teen sex is a major problem in our society which is all too often overlooked.
             Although the number of teens engaging in sexual activity is down from just a few years.
             ago, that number is still too high. The decision to engage in sexual activity as a teen is.
             influenced by the media and a lack of parental guidance.
             The media has an effect on everyone is one way or another. It can affect how.
             people view certain things and what they think without them even realizing it. The media.
             has a profound influence on the decision to engage in premarital sex as a teen. .
             By age 18, the average teen will have spent more time watching television than in.
             the classroom. During these hours of television watching, teens will view nearly 14 000.
             sexual remarks, innuendoes, and jokes per year. Only 165 of these remarks deal with.
             topics such as abstinence, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases. .
             MTV, a music based television station geared at adolescents, often tries to tell its.
             viewers what's hot and what's not. The station features many shows which deal.
             primarily with teen sexuality and plays a large number of music videos, approximately.
             80%, which have sexually motivated story lines. Adolescents who watch this station and.
             similar stations believe what they see is sexually appropriate for their age group. .
             As a result of the media, teens are made to believe what is going on or what it's.
             being shown is the "normal" and "cool" thing to do and that everyone does or should act.
             in that manner. The media portrays sexual activity as something that is fun and has no.
             consequences. .
             Because of a lack of parental guidance, the media is often the only place teens.
             can receive information about sex. Parents need to take a more active role in talking to.
             their child about sexual values. Teens are becoming sexually active at young ages,.
             often because of influence from the media, and many parents are surprised at their.
             child's sexual promiscuity.

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