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Math 1335

             Recently, through a math class in college, I went back to my childhood and learned to count again. My partners and I were given a challenge, to create our very own numeric system. However, there were limitations and guidelines to follow. We were given manipulative to use in order to create this system; a single unit representing one (1), a long unit representing five (5) units, and a flat unit representing twenty- five (25) units. Our guidelines consisted of using four letters, A, B, C, and D, and introducing zero (0) as we see fit. The main objective and most important learning methods of this lesson was to have the class of future teachers be put into the shoes of six year olds, force us to empathize with obstacles young children face, understand the true definition of place value, and realize the importance of accepting different learning styles.
             Using all three learning styles, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, my partners and I created a system that made sense to us. "A" represented the (1) unit manipulative we were provided. "B" or"AAAAA" represented the long unit standing for (5) in the American Numeric System. "C" or "BB" represented two longs (10). "D" or "CB" represented two longs and five units (15). And 0 represented (25) which was one flat in the standard American numerals. Our group believed that we had created an efficient system that was not only easy to use but to understand as well. In comparison to the standard American system we use everyday based on increments of ten, we based our increments on five and went from there. However, our group as well as the entire class realized something that the American Numeric System had that all of ours did not, which was place value.
             Through this project we used the five learning process standards which include communication, reasoning, representation, connections and problem solving. Working through groups made communication a must.

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