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Does God Exist

            The existence of God has been questioned since the beginning of time. Religions thrived on answering the unanswerable questions of the universe and people were able to find solace in the answers. As science has expanded and been able to answer these questions with natural, as opposed to supernatural answers, many people stopped looking to God and religion for the causes of things and started looking towards science. God was dead, according to many scientists and people of all professions. Many philosophers, however, have different conclusions. In the article, "Science Finds God" (Newsweek 1998) it was recognized that although theologians and scientists differ sharply in their views and do not see any type of middle ground between the two fields, others feel that religion and science do not contradict each other, but compliment each other. Science discovers more of God's creations and the intricacy of which the world was created and God provides the explanation of the complexity and wonder of the natural world. He fills in where science leaves off. With Darwin's idea of evolution came the greatest controversy between science and religion. Darwin denied the creationist ideas of Christians and caused, an uproar in the Christian community. Some drastically decided to deny all science. To deny science, however, would be to deny the natural world. Others searched for ways to confirm and hold on to their faith. One way that people found to confirm their belief in a God was philosophy. St. Thomas Aquinas used the science of philosophy to prove God's existence. He showed five ways in which the existence of God must be absolutely concluded. His first proof dealt with the mover and the unmoved mover. From just one observation of movement it can be concluded that movement is. Whatever is moved must be moved by another, because nothing can have potential and actual energy at the same time. To actually move a thing must be moved by another thing that is actually in motion.

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