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            In this classic novel the gothic theme of good versus evil plays a major role. As a reader, one can decipher the difference between the humane and inhumane characteristics of the characters in this novel. Therefore, concluding that good will always outwit evil in the end. The protagonists and antagonists in Dracula are very interchangeable when it comes to goals, methods, strengths, and weaknesses.
             Protecting themselves from Dracula is a main goal, so they "must therefore, guard [themselves] from his touch" because once he has bitten them it gets harder to bring them back to their humane state (294). Meanwhile, Dracula is the exact opposite. The goals of the protagonists in Dracula are to rid the world of the evils of Dracula. In the process they are protecting themselves as well as the souls of the ones they love. One of Dracula's goals is to capture as many human lives as possible so that the vampire population will increase and over time take over the world. He takes on this task by biting his victims until they are dead so that he can end their lives. For Dracula "The blood is the life" because it replenishes his body so that he can grow stronger to conquer more lives (156). Since Dracula's tactics are so harsh, he has to protect himself from the eye of humane human beings. Keeping mortals from finding out who he really is so they will not try to plot against him is a goal of his. .
             The protagonists" methods of capturing Dracula is to track him down, city by city, until they find him, meanwhile, Dracula has a method that is almost greater because he has supernatural powers. Therefore, catching him is a challenge because "he can, when once he finds his way, come out from anything or into anything, no matter how close it be bound or even fused up with fire" (284). The protagonists know that Dracula will put up a good fight, but they unlike Dracula "have resources of science" to aid them through their treacherous journey (282).

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