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            In the novel, good and evil are constituted by the .
             nature and actions of the characters.
             representative of the evil, demonstrates all seven of the .
             deadly sins. His pride, greed, lust, and wrath lead Dracula .
             to commit immoral and evil acts. For example one of .
             Dracula's evil pursuits involves the manipulation of Dr. .
             Seward's patient Reinfield. Dracula takes advantage of the .
             unstable and insane man. Reinfield comes under the .
             influence of Dracula, referring to him as "Lord and Master." .
             Dracula lures Reinfield into his evil dictatorship by .
             filling him with many false promises. Dracula pledges to .
             give Reinfield everything that lives, by sending him flies .
             and spiders and rats and dogs. As soon as Reinfield begins .
             to trust Dracula, Dracula abuses his trust.

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