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BMW is the Greatest

             BMW is a German automobile manufacturer that produces cars ranging in price from $30,000 to $95,000. The cars are numbered in series, the higher numbers representing the bigger, stronger and more luxurious models. BMW cars, sold worldwide, are considered the best because of their styling, engines and construction. .
             The styling of the BMW is its most distinctive feature, and is more enduring than the styles of other cars. American cars, for example, become outdated within a couple of years after their introduction, but BMW styling remains consistent and attractive for decades. The interior styling of a BMW is particularly impressive. Its luxuriously padded seats and dashboard and its precision instrumentation give drivers a feeling of security and comfort. BMW places driver and passenger comfort high on its list of priorities.
             The BMW engine is almost as legendary as it's styling. BMW was a pioneer of fuel technology, and its engines are stronger in horsepower and last longer than those in other types of cars. BMW service, though very reliable, is rarely needed on a new car, or even on one a few years old, because the engine is practically trouble free. In the Middle East, where the heat and humidity age a new car so quickly that it appears to be old in two years, only the BMW lasts up to four years without requiring a major repair.
             After a few years, the BMW reveals another advantage that confirms its outstanding reputation. In extreme conditions such as the Middle East or the American Northeast, many American cars become badly rusted and sound as if they are falling apart after just a couple of years. The construction of the BMW body and its rust protective finishes are top-quality to other cars that a BMW will show no signs of rust and develop no rattling body parts or sagging doors even after ten years or more in such places.
             The BMW, even though it is undoubtedly expensive in terms of initial cost, is really an exceptional value and investment due to the enduring quality of its styling, the reliability of its engine, and the durability of its body construction.

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