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We've Got Issues

             We've Got Issues by Meredith Bagby is a smart, no-nonsense guide to politics and politicians for an apolitical generation. Bagby grasps young readers by speaking our language. She is tuned into the frustration, confusion, and apathy Generation X feels toward Washington. Bagby tackles the political issues that should truly matter to young voters such as the future of Social Security, education reform, the environment, and federal debts. This book presents readers with an account of the issues using truthful facts and genuine statistics that matter to the youth of society and their futures. There are three chapters within this book that have much to do with one another: one titled "Public Baby-sitting" about the state of our education system; one titled "Ward and June Who?" about the disappearance of the middle class; and the last one titled "Trick or Treat, the Tooth Fairy, and a Tea Party" about lying politicians, the federal debt, and where our money really is going.
             Within this country we have a major education problem; you can not be poor to get a good education and you need a good education not to be poor. High schools do not prepare us for life anymore as they once did. A high school diploma will not even get you a good job with your local auto mechanic. Some high schools know that they do not serve the function that they were put there to do, so they do continue to make the education efforts they should. High schools have become the big playground of American teenagers, where they are monitored from what they wear to what they eat. The education is useless and uninformative, and it does not address the important issues of adolescence. Teenagers do not ask questions, thus they do not learn by this method. They learn life skills, sex education, tolerance, as well as general education from their teachers and parents, when they speak about these issues. But most these issues are not taught properly in a educational environment.

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