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My Future Plans - Limitless!

            All my life people have told me have the potential to do many things with my intelligence. I may have slacked a bit in school but no one really thought that I would be like kids just repeating grades and dropping out of school - something I never did. I had my child young which never stopped me from continuing my studies. Determination, pride, and respect is what got me to where I am today. As I take this assessment, I see three professions that interest me; Pediatrics, Counseling Psychology, and Registered Nurse.
             In all these careers, you are to help the patient in assisting to their needs, you are working irregular hours and can possibly do many hours at any time of the day during the week. Pediatricians and Registered Nurses are always on the move, they are more than one-third of time on foot or standing. I love to always be busy on well productive day especially when at work. There's always something to do when you are in these profession, more likely when in a emergency where I want to be. When being a Counseling Psychologist you're sitting most of your day on the job but you are in your own office and at least you are in a calm setting attending you patient. I'm a very talkative person and very known to give great advice by listening well to people's problems. Regardless, I know i am in one way or the other helping a person with their issue and possibly brightening their day. A smile on a patient's face would make me feel I'm doing a great job at what I do. .
             The one main thing I definitely do not want to do is be a Political Scientist. You are dealing with just politics and papers at most of the time. I like to know that my job relies on helping a broad amount of people not just one group. My career of interests needs to be linked to medicine, hospital or clinical care, not a corporate building or a small cluttered office. .
             Since I was a little girl I've always loved to go to the doctor and every time I'd ask questions; "What are you going with that?"", "Why is it called that way?"", "Is there anyway I could get my kidneys checked?"", and etc.

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