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The Art of Being an Effective Speaker

            The most effective speakers have mastered the art of public speaking. An effective speaker is one who addresses groups of people in an organized, thoughtful way to enlighten, sway, or entertain their listeners. A person being successful is often associated with how well they communicate and how easily they could influence their audience to view things from their standpoints. Everything we do from going to a job interview, meeting a perspective mate, or hiring a contractor requires persuasion and excellent public speaking skills. President Barack Obama is without a doubt the most effective public speaker in our society today. On January 20th, 2009 at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C President Barack Obama an African-American gave his first inaugural address.
             President Obama looked the part for his inaugural address. President Obama had physical appearance and was well groomed. He wore a black blazer with a blue shirt and a red tie with dots of white that displayed his gratitude for the country he now leads. Red, white, and blue are colors perceived as patriotic, noble, strong, and commonly good. President Obama's attire was right for the occasion because it eliminated the stereotypes African-American is often placed with. For a long time people viewed African-Americans as an inferior race, incapable of doing anything meaningful. If President Obama would have stepped on stage in tattered clothes and appeared unorganized, those stereotypes about African-Americans would still be perceived as correct. However, by appearing well-kept and composed, he was able to convey to his audience that those stereotypes were born under false pretenses. President Obama and his family presentable look helped others to perceive him as a powerful, intelligent, and attractive political figure.
             In addition, President Obama delivered his speech on a podium, while speaking directly into the microphone in front of 1.

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