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SI Swimsuit Issue

            Once a year Sports Illustrated releases one of the most popular issues of their magazine, the swimsuit edition. This controversial issue is a brilliant piecing together of precisely planned out advertising. By targeting a broad audience there is an appeal to both men and women, young and old, all ethnic groups, and people of diverse interests. After reading reviews by writers such as Kevin Young and Jeff Hearn, the difference of opinions surrounding this issue supports the idea behind the reason of such controversy. .
             Jeff Hearn, author of "The Swimsuit Issue and Sport: Hegemonic Masculinity in Sports Illustrated", discusses that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue remains to be very successful and profitable for reasoning the basis of the issue on the ideal sexual appeal of a woman. Although the women are presented in this manner, it is what happens throughout the magazine and behind the scenes that gives proof to the fact that the issue is still presented in a classy manner. The models are included in public relation work and participate in side projects such as calendars, videos, and other advertisements. After reading Hearn's review my opinions reflect the same views. I feel that sex sells and although the models are presented in this manner, it is mainly just a way to draw the reader in. Once the reader's attention is there and the pages of the magazine are opened the reader then finds that the magazine is not only full of women in bikinis but also each picture is also surrounded by a related article. As a result the focus is not based completely on sexuality and gives a good balance and blend of both sexuality and the masculine aspect of Sports Illustrated. My personal experience has proven to me that the swimsuit issue is nothing but the best. The first time I ever opened the swimsuit issue of SI it was great. Girls in bikinis on the tropical islands in the Caribbean or in exotic places like Cancun.

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