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My Left Foot

            Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what really does make up a satisfying life? Is it money? Or maybe power? Or even possibly love? All of these things sound good, but are they really what make up a satisfying life? Well in My Left Foot Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays the courageous and ambitious Christy Brown, shows us the true value of life and how to appreciate the things that really do make up a satisfying life. Such as family, determination, and the sense of independence. During My Left Foot we travel through the heart filled tale of Christy Brown trying to be just another ordinary person in a brutal world. Christy really makes you wonder about what makes your life satisfying because although his was filled with obstacles and setbacks he still lived a rewarding life. The accomplishments that he achieved are just as equally important, having a novel that he wrote and typed out by himself, magnificent paintings that were put in a gallery, and most important gaining his independence. .
             Christy Brown was a fighter from the very beginning, and never wanted to be labeled as just a cripple. So he would attempt to do things that ordinary boys his age were doing. Even if it involved soccer, something that would be impossible to play due to the fact that Christy has no control over any body part with the exception of his left foot, he still played a mean goalie and all the kids treated him as one of them, never the outsider or the one who is different. This made him see that he's just as good as the rest of the neighborhood children and him to do something with his life. This is were Doctor Eileen came in, she was a Cerebral Palsy specialist who's goal was to enhance Christy's speaking capability and give him the self-confidence that he needed, and she was a complete success. With Christy being more audible, that gave him the chance to but his story out to the world. With the help of his brother writhing out the story, Christy typed on his typewriter with only his foot, the story of a determined boy with a heart of gold.

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