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my left foot

            For my English coursework I am going to discuss the story of Christie Brown. Also I will give my opinion on the following statement: "Both heart breaking and wildly funny by turns, My left foot is a film which celebrates humanity and the triumph of the will". I will refer to the scripted parts and therefore hope to compose a summary and evaluation of them.
             The first way in which Christy is portrayed is in a helpless way. His friends take advantage of his condition, cerebral paisley, by blaming him for things he didn't do. As he cannot speak to defend himself, this leads to less affection and less respect off others. At the beginning of the film he was not sitting at the table with the rest of his family, he was sitting on the floor. This was a heartbreaking moment for me because he was being treated differently because of his illness. As Christy was born with cerebral paisley he can't help being like that. Although saying that humanity is present in the Irish community. Christy does get support off others especially his mother, she won't hear anything against him and when somebody suggests a "home" for Christy she replies, "I"d rather see him dead then in a home". .
             It is obvious from the start that Christy is closer to his mother. His father, Mr Brown is a violent man with a short temper. His children are scared of him. I think it must be awful to have your children scared of you. Many people think its "macho" or "hard" but I totally disagree.
             The first extract I will refer to is when Christy writes "mother" with the chalk. This is a good example of the will and determination mentioned in the statement.
             Christy takes the chalk in his left foot and tries to write something. At first it looks like a triangle, and Mr Brown tries to help by demonstrating what a triangle should look like. Christy looks at him furiously with frustration in his eyes and by doing this makes it known to everyone that it wasn't a triangle he was trying to draw.

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