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My Left Foot

            There were many people that impacted Christy's development throughout the course of the book. But three stood out in my mind, they were his mother, Katriona Delahunt, and Dr. Robert Collis. All of these people affected Christy's life in a positive manor.
             One of the people that impacted his life the most was his mother. His mother always believed in him, she knew that he was smart. "They now spoke of an institution. "Never!" said my mother" (13). When all hope seemed to be lost, it could be found on her. She also taught him, "She would bring me into the front bedroom any day she wasn't too busy with the household, and spend hours teaching me one letter on the floor with a piece of chalk. Then she would rub them out with a duster and make me write them down again from memory with the chalk held between my toes" (18). Without his mother giving him that little push and support that she did, he wouldn't of went as far as he did.
             Another person that impacted his life was Katriona Delahunt. She was his "first dream-girl". When mother was bust around the house and couldn't help Katriona was there. If she asked him to do something he did it. Like with the painting contest, he didn't join until Katriona told him too. "I couldn't refuse to do whatever my "dream-girl" asked me" (64). He then entered and later won that contest. Winning that contest gave him a boost in his confidence, all because Katriona made him enter.
             A person who had a little impact on his life was Dr. Robert Collis, but this little impact was crucial to his future. He told Christy, "I believe you can be cured" (105). He gave Christy hope and a dream of living a normal life in the future. He gave Christy a will to go on. Aside from giving Christy that hope, he taught Christy how to write stories. He wanted the best for Christy, and gave him only that.
             These three people weren't the only ones that impacted Christy's life, but they did play a huge role in it.

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