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Benefits of Working Out

            Many people don't like the idea of staying in shape by doing aerobics, weight training, core-strengthening exercises and having good nutrition. But what they don't realize is that it is great for your body and there are many benefits.
             Aerobic activity can be anything from walking, biking, jogging, swimming, aerobic classes and cross-country skiing. By doing these activities your body uses the same large muscle group for 15-20 minutes while your maximum heart rate is maintained at 60-80%. The benefits of this is that it strengthens your heart and lungs, there is an increase in cardiopulmonary efficiency, a reduction in cholesterol, stress, anxiety and an improvement in circulation. Other benefits include control of body fat. This is possible when aerobic activity is combined with strength training along with a proper diet which will eventually lower your body fat. Aerobics also help reduce fatigue, helps tone muscles, increases lean body mass, aids with sleeping, and lowers tension.
             Weight training brings self-confidence and body satisfaction by building, toning muscles, and maintaining lean body mass (for people wanting to lose weight). Weight training also lowers the risk of many diseases like osteoporosis by strengthening your bones, diabetes, getting hurt because of weak muscles and it decreases your gastrointestinal transit time which reduces the risk of colon cancer. By training, you raise your metabolism. This makes your body able to burn calories 24/7. In many people their metabolism starts to go down at the age of 30, but by weight training this can be reversed. It also has positive effects on your physical body with the improvement of posture and improvement of co-ordination and balance.
             By doing core-strengthening exercises our body reacts positively and in turn helps our heart and lungs. Exercise is very popular for older people because it lowers them from physical declines that come along with the aging process.

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