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             There are countless reasons to what causes violent behavior among people. Shootings, killings, fights, rape, sexual assaults, etc. are all acts of violence. For decades, researchers have been trying to figure out what causes violent behavior in as many different aspects as possible. The researchers made profound and astonishing discoveries and theories that I was able to agree and disagree with. However, it occurred to me that violent behavior accumulates and forms at a young age, so I feel that it is important to understand what causes the adolescences to become violent adults. In order to thoroughly understand the causes, I have to find out what's affecting them negatively in their environment and surroundings, their neighborhood. Children's neighborhood is responsible for molding and shaping them. Often, behind a violent child, there is a troubled family and a chaotic and disorganized neighborhood. The family and the neighborhood play an important role in shaping up a child's behavior. In a neighborhood, every little detail has some sort of affect on a child. In the adolescence stage, children are most vulnerable and susceptible to gang violence and drugs. Research has shown that in neighborhoods where there is high rate of divorce, residential turnover, temporary people with no roots in the community, single parent families and poverty, the incidence of juvenile violence and crimes is high. .
             Poverty alone is not the key factor in violence; rather, it is the lack of a relationship among neighbors. Whether rich or poor, if people do not have good relationship with one another, juvenile violence will expect to be high. We know that weak neighborhood ties, fewer resources, and stressful day to day interactions are associated with domestic violence and child abuse which contribute to juvenile violence. .
             For example; it is quite obvious that families who live in poverty must undergo many financial problems.

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