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            The appearance of the TV, claim that it is the human entertainment, propagates great revolution of media, information communication. It is deep influence to be for human life in TVs, it far from by former film and broadcast, etc. and. The television appears in the world finally, these are the common crystallization that a lot of inventors developed constantly, tested constantly. Distinguishing the systematic appearance with the picture electron of object, the city begins broadcasting the TV program of experiment quality in New York NBC News Worldwide Inc in 1930. In 1937, National Broadcasting Co. began to broadcast the TV program formally. But after World War II begins, the production of the television once stops, after World War II, It is popularized that the TV begins the swift and violent speed, the family with television was 15000 in 1946, Reached about 4 million in 1950, increased sharply to 30 million in 1953, reached 46 million in 1960, Have already exceeded running water of having and washed hands and face in the family of the equipment in the room in figure of families with television. By 1971, American family has more than 63 million black and white television sets and 27 million color TV sets, namely every two families have three televisions on average. At the beginning of the eighties, there are more than 1000 TV stations in all in the whole U.S.A., the television network spread and covered and reaches national 99% living in the areas in population, and used in the whole country the television reaches 1. 400 million, every three people has it nearly two lifts on average, the family with color TV set, Accounting for more than 80% of the total amounts, the TV has already popularized the whole country. By 1990, the television that the whole U.S.A. family has rises to 1 especially. 600 million, average the time of the cost reaches six hours in front of the television each American every day.

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