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News and the Television

            Ever since it was first invented 75 years ago, the television has been a major source for the news today. The capability of it to transmit live pictures fast has made it a dominant force in the journalism industry. Newspapers and magazines are hard-pressed to compete, they don't come out until the day after the event happens, or even later. Radio can't, either, all you have are sounds, and you can't see what is happening. And over the years, TV has had and even more significant impact on how we get our news. With the introduction of color, live broadcast, and other upgrades in technology, a good portion get more news from the TV than anywhere else.
             There are, however, similarities between TV and other news media. While much of it comes in small blurbs, there are channels and shows that go in depth into their specific areas. As in print journalism, you can get your tabloid-like news, from shows like "Inside Edition". Also, you have uninterrupted coverage of congress (on C-Span), extensive coverage and interviews with government officials (Newshour with Jim Lehrer), even sports (ESPN).
             There are also 24-hour news stations all over, the most prominent being CNN. Created in 1980 by Ted Turner, the Cable News Network, or CNN, was the very first all-day every-day news station. This station was met with some skepticism at first, but now is a news broadcasting fixture. At any time, you can turn on the TV to CNN and get up to the minute reports on the current major topic, or go to one of its spoke stations. If you were to turn on Headline News, you would get immediate news on major happenings from around the world. If sports is more your thing, you can go to CNNSI, or if your big in the financial world, you get your info from CNNFI.
             There are also some specialized news shows, like 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes, on CBS, is an hour-long program that focuses mainly on a few topics, rather than all over the place.

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