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History of Magic

            The history of magic begins in the pre-Christian era. One of the earliest known magicians was Dedi from Egypt. According to a legend, Dedi brought a headless ox to life by saying a magic spell. One of the oldest tricks in history of magic is called "Cups and Balls". This particular trick traces back to Greece, India and China. Three cups and a ball are involved and the ball disappears the cups cover it. This trick has become of the most popular deceptions today. Priests in Greek temples practiced magic at a more sophisticated level, and claimed it was the magic of Gods. Another trick that became a popular classic was the Chinese Linking Rings. It was composed of solid metal rings that would link and separate in an illusive manner. Magicians also gained a lot from the bullet catch. A loaded gun would be fired at the magician and the magician was to catch the bullet. This dangerous stunt killed 13 magicians. Jugglers were also considered to be magicians at that time.
             Magic was not accepted very well in Europe in the early days. Most people in Europe were uneducated and were brainwashed by priests. Magic was considered to be sign of witchcraft and those who practice magic are involved with the Devil's work. Nevertheless, magic was still appreciated in England and in parts of Western Europe. .
             The world of magic is very unique. There are many branches within the culture of magic. Magic has a lot of different styles. Some of the branches include illusionists, card magicians and palm readers. Illusionists are those who perform unbelievable stunts in front of large crowds. One of the greatest illusionists and magicians of all time is considered Harry Houdini. Houdini was born as Ehrich Weisz on March 24, 1874. Harry and his family moved to America in 1876. At the age of 10 Houdini, became interested in art of magic. Throughout his life, Harry Houdini traveled around the world performing for large crowds. With his amazing combination of flexibility and strength, Houdini was able to perform tricks that would stun his audiences.

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