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Human Rights

             I watched the movie Philadelphia for the first time and took in the portrayal of a man that is discriminated and fired from his workplace because he is living with the AIDS virus. For those who have not seen it, Tom Hanks (Andy Beckett) plays a lawyer living in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) who has just been promoted until one executive at the firm notices Andy's lesions and soon papers from his critical case disappear from his office just minutes before he is due in Court. Andy is later fired from the firm from what they claim Andy to be irresponsible with a temper that has put the firm at jeopardy. Shocked and appalled by what is clear to be a set up to avoid what is actually the real reason Andy was fired, for having AIDS; Andy decides to find representation to sue the firm for their negligence and discrimination against him. Being denied nine times Andy finally decides to seek representation from Joe Miller, ( Denzel Washington), a young black attorney who had once competed against Andy in a case. At first Joe declined, but after reflecting a little more on the nature of discrimination Joe decides that Andy does have a case and decides to help him. .
             What kind of assumptions does this movie make about death? The assumptions that this movie makes about death is that death is promised to everyone. However, not everyone is at grips to except that death is a part of life. So they tend to space themselves as far away as possible to avoid it's reality and want no part of those who are sick and do except that death is promised to them such as Andy Beckett. This movie also makes the assumption that a man living with the AIDS virus has no business working at a firm with a life threatening virus that has made no apparent effort to speak publicly the he is a homosexual man living with AIDS. Although, if Andy had gone public about his sexuality and condition it is only obvious that these problems would arrive in the workplace sooner and Andy would be walk through those office doors feeling humiliated.

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