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Plays: Their Impact Yesterday and Today

             One of the beauties of where we came from is that it gives us a look into where we are going. This almost takes from a saying but that again is the beauty of the adaptation of thoughts and ideas. The same rings true for historical arts such as those that have a link to the past. In the case of a story written by Sophocles called Antigone you can see the saying come to full light. The reason is that this story holds a fictional account of issues that were true during the Ancient Greek times. The most interesting part of it being that those same issues also apply to the lives of people in these times. In this essay three different aspects of the play Antigone and its translation to Ancient Greek times and modern times. First covering the role of women, then covering the ability or inability to act in the face of perceived injustice, closing with the effects of reckless actions of political leadership.
             In the play Antigone the heroin plays her part in the general idea of the woman which is to stand by their families for example when Antigone buries her brother in order to save his honor. While Antigone's sister also plays another part of the general idea of the woman, where she plays the more subordinate to the orders of the men in specific Creon (Classic Notes: Antigone Short Summary). In Greece the differences were generally quite large mainly because women while educated were barely at a higher stature than a general slave. This has changed in modern times in many places, mainly visible in the United States where women are attaining a closer equality to men than the women of ancient Greece had, but the stature of women in other places in the world have not changed much from ancient times.
             Among all the topics covered in the play there was one of much importance because it touched upon an individual human aspect of society that impacts society in larger ways than at first perceived.

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