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Impacts Of Religion On Society Today

            More than 85% of the world population today is religious. So as the percentage would suggest religion plays a huge part in the way people live their lives throughout the world today. Religion includes the beliefs that some things are sacred and practices that are centered on the things considered sacred and a moral community (usually a church) that results from the group's beliefs and practices. .
             Death is something that every living thing on earth will be experience one-way or the other. People are afraid of death more than anything else in the world. I am one of those people that fear death more than anything else in the world. To help fight these fears I turn to the Catholic religion. Religion provides answers to ultimate meaning. "Why are we here on the Earth and is there any purpose in living," are two questions that many people seem ask themselves. I know I seem to ask myself these questions monthly. For the catholic religion we believe that we are here because we are suffering because of Adam and Eve's sin and that some day we will be re-united with God in his kingdom.
             Hearing things like this provides emotional comfort to Catholics and every religion believes in their own unique beliefs. Religion provides emotional comfort in times of illness and death and eases the pain in a time of crisis. We can find the answers in why this happening in our religion and we often find consolation in the rituals that follow the passing of a loved one.
             Religions offer guidelines for everyday life for people to follow. In the Catholic teachings we are taught 2 main commandments. The first is to love God above all else and the second is more of a guideline and it is along the lines of always do upon to others, as you'd wish to be done by. The quote is not exact as in the Bible, but it carries the same meaning more or less. All Catholics try to live by these two commandments and the second one is one that I live by everyday of my life.

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