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Free Will and Determinism

            The loss of human life without purpose is unimaginable and it is especially difficult for families of the deceased, unfortunately, it is bound to happen with war. It's even worse when there is no justified reason for a war to take place. War has been around since one can remember, more often when a Bush is in office, but in some cases there is justifiably no reason for war because as the war progresses the casualties begin to take their toll on society and when that happens, people begin to question the state of war. The loss of human life is assured in war, the question being how many lives will be lost. No positive comes from death and war is a sure place for that to happen.Supernatural 1: The description of the baby ghost knocking a pot of chickpeas to the floor, shattering a mirror, putting handprints in a cake, and leaving a line of crumbled crackers near the doorsill, introduces the element of the supernatural in the story. This presence of the unexplainable is a key element of the story because it makes possible the blending of Beloved with the daughter Sethe murdered. The supernatural becomes a part of everyday reality.
             Supernatural 2: The family hasn't kept the ghost a secret, and belief in the supernatural extends beyond just this family and into the community. This makes it possible for them to also believe that Beloved is the reincarnate of Sethe's dead daughter.

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