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Flight Reservations by Internet

             After boarding the plane for my trip, I found out by talking to the lady next to me that she had paid almost double the price for her seat than I had paid for mine. Getting my flight through the Internet had really paid off for me. Although traveling can be very expensive, you can save money by purchasing your ticket off the Internet. This process can be done in three easy steps: by accessing information and supplies to get started, entering information into the computer, and purchasing a cheaper flight using the Internet.
             First of all you will need to gather a few items before you begin your Internet search. You will need a pen, paper, and your credit card. You will need the pen and paper for writing down important data that you will need to remember and your credit card for the purchase of the flight. You need to make sure and have your traveling dates ready. You"ll need to know when you are departing (leaving for your trip) and returning (coming back from your trip). Now that you have this ready it is time to head for your computer.
             Here is where we will begin to search the Web and enter your information into the computer. First go to your Web search engine which allows you to search the Internet, whether it may be Yahoo, Lycos, or Google search engines. It doesn't really matter which search engine you use. There should be a box beside the words "search the web" where you can type in the words "cheap flights." After that you click on the word "search" or hit enter on the keyboard, it .
             should bring up some flight deals for you. Let's say we found for example a Web site that is called "Travelocity" that sounded like it may have great deals and begin searching for a flight to your destination. There will be a page there that will ask you some questions. The first question it will ask is, "What type of trip is this?" What they mean by this is do you want round trip, which means they will fly you to your destination and back, or one way, which means you"re are flying there and not coming back, or multiple destinations, which means you are flying to one destination for awhile then to a different destination before returning home.

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