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American Express Interactive

             American Express Company is a global travel, financial and network services provider.
             Founded in 1850, the Company serves individuals with charge and credit cards, .
             Travelers Cheques and other stored value products. It also offers financial planning, .
             brokerage services, mutual funds, insurance and other investment products. Through its .
             family of Corporate Card services, American Express helps companies and institutions .
             manage their travel, entertainment and purchasing expenses. As the world's largest .
             travel agency, American Express offers travel and related consulting services to .
             individuals and corporations around the globe.
             In 1995 against the emerging proliferation of Internet usage in business, the movement by .
             agents from commission to fee based arrangements, shortages in travel counselors and the .
             increasing costs of traditional infrastructure Amex embarked on becoming an interactive player.
             Number of companies in the travel industry started the developing Internet travel products. .
             American Express had to move quick. They could be follower or leader. %90 leaders get big piece from market.
             "For over hundred years, our company has been a pioneer. We invented Travelers .
             Cheques for the business traveler and the corporate card and the purchase card to help .
             our corporate customers manage and control their expenses Now we are developing a .
             new Internet travel service that we believe will meet the needs of today's companies and .
             business travelers and will, once more, redefine the world of corporate travel."".
             -Executive, American Express, 1997.
             This statement shows their vision, mission and target market very clearly. They wanted to .
             develop travel product which automating the booking process and make travel policy easier for .
             corporate travel managers. They have to move forward without wasting any time because timing .

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