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Ethical Dilmema

             "Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by and that made all the difference" (Robert Frost). At the moment, I have an important decision to make that could not only affect me; it could affect all of mankind. I recently completed a successful probationary period at the Orlando International Airport as a security guard. My face glowed in anticipation about the idea of being a permanent employee for a prominent airport like Orlando International; especially, because I have been out of work the last three months. I have two small children and a husband to help support so this job has really saved us. As the anniversary of September 11th approaches the television is playing endless programs honoring the people that died and I am having horrible nightmares of another terrorist attack on the United States. .
             One of the reasons I took this job is because I wanted to ensure the safety of innocent passengers. I believe it should not take a tragedy like September 11th to open our eyes. That incident happened in part, to poor strategic management and improper screening techniques, so I think the .
             Kristina Octaviano.
             PID: K0912750 .
             WebCt Section 0L01.
             most important aspect in my job, is to protect all traveling passengers and not let another event like this happen again. .
             First, I must present the facts in order to determine an accurate solution in my moral predicament. I recently noticed the weapons and explosives screening machine is not working properly. This could sequentially destroy millions of peoples" lives, but when I confronted my supervisor he nonchalantly explained that he noticed the problem and had notified his boss, however, he was told not to be concerned. I immediately reacted by stating the possible effects of having inadequate security; which I am sure he already knew. Nonetheless, he acted like it was not a big deal; but it was the biggest deal I had ever been faced with.

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