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Steven King

             Steven King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, is a well-written expository prose that vividly explains the most mandatory elements to know when writing anything from fiction to nonfiction with his famous, humorous and straight-to-the-point methods. I took pleasure in reading every part of his book. Steven King appropriately fulfilled his purpose of informing, teaching, and illustrating exactly what points he wanted to get across to his readers. I understood completely (and in some cases thought of myself as his Ideal Reader) what he wanted me to know. The funny thing about this is that I have only read two of King's original masterpieces of which I barely remember and didn't like his style (so I read no further). But reading On Writing encouraged me to read more of his striking successes.
             On Writing is a milestone for amateur writers in so many aspects, especially for me who one day might try out writing as a career. On Writing gives not only pleasure, entertainment and comical moments but advice, insight, critique, and well-explained illustrations of his envisions. King's "Toolbox- (King p. 109) is extremely loaded with ideas and helpful for writing. Giving quick lessons on things like sentence structure (i.e. "Nouns and verbs are the two indispensable parts of writing- (King p. 120), and "The adverb is not your friend- (King p. 124)), King explains in explicit detail about the importance of finding a kosher setting for writing, the elements of style (i.e. "With a hammer he killed Frank will ever replace He killed Frank with a hammer- (King p. 129)), and the three parts of stories and novels; all of which are levels of ones' toolbox and are very important in writing novels. Other important aspects for writers that King thoroughly explains include a number of portions: description "" is what makes the reader a sensory participant in the story- (King p. 173); dialogue and building characters for fiction ""gives your cast their voices, and is crucial in defining their characters - (King p.

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